Bảo hành: 6

Giá bán: 15,000,000đ

Số lượng
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Địa chỉ: Số 38/92, ngõ 8, Cầu Bươu, Xã Tả Thanh Oai, Huyện Thanh Trì, Hà Nội
Hotline: 0985 754 455


- PID speed control
- Independent or parallel operation
- 6 display LEDs(Power/Pickup/Run Speed/Idle Speed/Over Speed/Error) 
- 3 relay output channels(Over Speed/Crank Speed/Run Speed)- Droop Operation 
- Speed control by connecting to an external resistor(ADJ)
- Speed control with external voltage input (AUX
- Automatic stop when an overspeed occurs 
- Convenient user interface (Graphic LCD and 8-switch)
- PID Gain AutoTunning / Error history management
- Real time speed storage for result analyses when an error occurs (from5 seconds before occurrence to 1 second after occurence with an interval of 0.05 seconds)
- storing the total engine running time and startup count 
- PC Interface via RS232C 
- Support of a management PC software
- Support of CAN communication(J1939 Protocol)
Temp. -20 ~ 70 ℃
Humidity 0 ~ 98 %
Waterproof level IP46
Output Specifications
Actuator control(A-B) 120W (DC24V/5A)
Relay Output(1~9) AC250V/5A, DC50V/3A
LCD Display 128 x 64 Mono Color
Rs232C 57600bps/8/1/None
CAN J1939 Protocol Support
Control Specifications
Droop 0 ~ 10% (Run rpm)
SpeedRamping 0 ~ 1000 rpm/sec
Starting Fuel 0 ~ 100%
External resistor speed control(ADJ) 0 ~ 1000 rpm/5kohm
External voltage speed control(AUX) 0 ~ 1000 rpm/-3V~3V
Input Specifications
Power E-F) DC 12V ~ 32V
PickUp(C-D) AC 3V or higher
Droop control(K-L) Open/ Short
Speed control(G-J) 5K ohm
Speed control(G-N) DC -3V~3V
Key Input 8key

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